Religious Political Imposition


While I believe in everyone’s right to practice their religion and believe what they believe, I’ve been noticing a frightening trend in politics lately.

Some of my peers have been criticizing Trump’s policies based only on how Christian they are. Since when has being a good Christian equaled being a good president? Yes, our religion bleeds into our values which informs our politics, but that can only affect how we feel about policies, not about whether or not it’s right for our country as a whole, and I urge people to know the difference between expressing religious opinion and treating American government like a Christian theocracy.

You can criticize Trump all you want, but if you are going to attack his politics, you should approach your argument in a thoughtful and political way. If a policy appears to disadvantage a particular religion, then the best way to approach that issue critically is to to treat that religion as a faction; ie. “This policy will hurt Muslims,” “As a Christian, I don’t agree with this, but I should think about whether or not it’s hurtful to my country and form an argument on that basis.”


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