Pagan Podcasts

Someone recently brought up podcasts to me, and it inspired me to look for podcasts that satisfy my own interests. But alas, good pagan podcasts are few and far between. Half of them have terrible production quality, are overly dramatic, or are rarely ever on topic. So here’s my list of the good ones.

Inter-Spiritual Discussion

This Week in Heresy

This podcast is hosted by Rev. Gina Pond, a Wiccan priest who also identifies as Christian. Her soothing voice makes it easy to listen to, and she always finds interesting guests and discussions, giving various pagan traditions a voice.
Unfortunately, the podcast does appear to be on an indefinite hiatus, but it is still worth listening to.

Scroll of Thoth

The podcast describes itself as a discussion of “magick and occult counterculture,” but from the episodes I’ve heard, I got a very academic sense of paganism. The show does a good job of blending the religious and the intellectual.



The hosts of MythTake jump right into the content without all the usual theatrics, and they really delve into the myths with respect and dynamic knowledge.


Spirits is one of the more fun podcasts on the list, but I hesitate to list it as a pagan resource. The hosts talk about different myths while drinking, and their boisterous attitudes really keep the listener engaged, but the educational value of the show is limited in that they only give brief overviews of the myths and are evidently not the most reverent of hosts.

Specific Traditions

Heathen Talk

Heathen Talk really highlights Heathen issues, and the voice quality is strong.


Well, that’s the list so far. Check back for updates, as I may add more!

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