Anubis, or Anpu, is an Egyptian (Kemetic) god. He is a jackal-headed god and may be the son of Set and Nephthys, Osiris and Nephthys, or Ra. Anubis is a funerary god and psychopomp, or guider of souls. Anubis oversees the weighing of the heart and acts as guardian of tombs.

As “Guardian of the Scales,” Anubis determines the fate of the soul, ensuring that justice is served impartially and that the soul is led to its rightful place. As such, Anubis invokes a sense of truth and guardianship.

My Journey to Anubis

Anubis is a god I don’t necessarily identify with viscerally, but when I was considering male gods to add to my list, I thought of Anubis, and I’m not entirely sure why. When I think about his function and presence, I consider him to be a sort of patron of justice. I also tend to be interested in deities connected to the dead, so that was an added draw for me. Overall, I have yet to develop a sense of his presence the way I have with many other gods I study, but I hope that I can eventually.


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image © Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa