As sister of the minotaur, Ariadne was the Mistress of the Labyrinth. She forsook her family and her land by aiding Theseus against the minotaur, only to be abandoned at Naxos. In her despair, she was discovered by the god Dionsyos and became his wife, eventually becoming a goddess.

In rescuing Theseus, Ariadne demonstrated not only cleverness but also emotional daring. The significance of the labyrinth is emotional discovery. Through great trauma, courage, and cleverness, Ariadne transcended her innate identity to become immortal.

My Journey to Ariadne

Ariadne can be difficult for me to grasp as a goddess, considering her lore is centered around her life as a mortal. That having been said, I connect to her most through my Magna Graecan heritage. I also like to think that she is the Cretan mother goddess, so I associate her with snakes and the labrys.

painting © Thomas Baker