Freya is a Norse Goddess Whose name means “lady.” Though born of the Vanir, She is an honorary member of the Aesir and advises Odin. She is said to have taught the art of Seidr (magic) to God and man alike. She wears a cloak of feathers and drives a sleigh led by cats.

Freya is a goddess of magic, love, and battle. Her essence is sensual and dangerous, mystical and eerie. So much more than a goddess of love, She is a warrior and keeper of powerful secrets.

My Journey to Freya

Originally, I wasn’t too interested in Freya, as Gods of love and beauty don’t particularly appeal to me. However, I became interested in Freya when I learned about Her darker, more esoteric nature. I see Her as a goddess of shamanism and sensuality. She is immensely complex and interesting, and I think you can really see that in Johan Egelkrans’s depiction of Her below.


images © Michelle Maiden, Johan Egerkrans