Hekate is a Greek Titan. She is connected to crossroads, transitions, the moon, the underworld, and magic. After Persephone’s abduction, she aided Demeter in her search for her daughter. She is also the only Titan to remain in power after Zeus’s ascension.

Hekate, bearer of torches, is a guardian through the stages of life and in times of change. She gives us comfort in difficult times and in moments when we need direction.

My Journey to Hekate

I used to think of Hekate as a crone goddess of magic, but this is only one small side of her, which Wiccans have over-emphasized. In reality, she is more a goddess of transitions, though there is no doubting her complexity. Since she is said to have aided Demeter in her search for Persephone, and she is identified as a chthonic goddess, I often imagine her keeping Persephone and Hades company in the loneliness of the underworld. Yet she also seems a goddess without attachments, moving deftly through the underworld and into the moonlight. I identify with her solitary nature and honor her as a practitioner of magic and teacher of the ways of the underworld.


image © Jeff Cullen