Isis or Aset is a Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess. She is wife to Osiris, sister to Nephthys, and mother of Horus. She is associated with magic, fertility, kingship, and motherhood. A powerful healer, she was able to briefly resurrect a dismembered Osiris by reassembling the severed pieces of his body. She is often depicted nursing Horus on a throne.

As a mother with immense love for her husband and child, Isis is approachable and nurturing. Her magical ability and wisdom mark her as a healer and protector. Her healing wings are a comforting notion in a cruel world.

My Journey to Isis

Isis is the second goddess I connected with as I began my foray into Paganism, so she maintains a special place in my heart. I see Isis as an ideal mother, so I connect to her as a daughter, finding comfort in her perfection where my own mother and I are divided by strife. I also love her for her divine power, for the magic she wields and the healing she provides. Consequently, I often turn to her when I am struggling or in pain.


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image © Janice Duke