Odin is the Germanic god of wanderers, war, poetry, knowledge, and shamanism. Odin is one-eyed and flanked by two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory), as well as two wolves, the “greedy one[s],” Geri and Freki. He speared himself to a tree in order to obtain knowledge of the runes. He is immensely clever and strong, a god both of prophecy and of violence.

Odin teaches us to seek knowledge and to act with strength. His courage and cleverness serve an important model for success. He is a savage and calculating god, yet he is also a patron of art and song.

My Journey to Odin

I did not have much understanding of Odin initially, but in following Pagan blogs, I have been more exposed to him. Odin’s devotees are fiercely loyal and describe him as a god with many masks. In reading about his brutality as well as his wisdom, I have come to understand Odin a bit better, and in doing so, I think of him as a deeply enigmatic and powerful god whom I seek to know more of.

Further Readings

Alyxander Folmer, “Wyrd Words: Faces of Odin – Soldier, Scholar, Skald, and Skeptic

image © Righon